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About Society

Registration No. S/RS/DW(SW)/228/2018

Equishine Global Foundation, an organization for parts of society like disability, women empowerment, skill development and other vocational trainings. Among those,Disability which is one of the most neglected factors, our organization took an auspicious start with that starting with rehabilitation welfare.

Founders: Pawan Kumar , Shivendra Naryan Dubey, Athishek Kumar, Puneet Kumar

In today’s society many people are still unaware about the fact that other than madness and limb deformity, many other disabilities can also happen to anyone. To make society aware about this current scenario and provide resources to enhance the ability of children with special needs we came up with the organization Delhi Special School.

To build awareness and make this society resourceful for them also, Equshine Global Foundation laid the foundation of first branch of Delhi Special School in the area where a special school was much needed.

Delhi Special School developed under the umbrella of Equshine Global Foundation. It came into existence by the thought of some professionals working for the rehabilitation of persons with disabilities.

It works for the upliftment of children with special needs and make them productive for them as well as for the society. It trains the children to that extent that they can lead a sustainable life.

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