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Special Education

In Delhi Special School, Special Education is available for every child depending upon the individual needs. Our special educators focus on the overall development of every child attending the school. Every child is evaluated at the time of admission under special education process and a separate file is maintained for each of them.

This evaluation includes assessment of the child in all areas related to the suspected disability. The evaluation result thus is used to decide the appropriate educational program and related services and decisions as per the child’s needs.

Our special education programme includes:

  • Academics
  • Home Economics (Social Skill, Activity of daily living)
  • Gardening
  • Physical Education
  • Picnic
  • Educational Trip
  • Targeted Activities
  • Vocational Training

Delhi Special School believes in goal directed action plan which must have an individualized Education Program (IEP) that distinguishes their particular needs. The child must get the services that are designed for them. These services will allow them to reach their annual goals which will be assessed at the end of each term along with short-term goals that will be assessed every 3 months.