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Speech Therapy

There can be many reasons for delay in speech and language development of a child - conditions like Cerebral Palsy, autism, hearing loss, developmental delays. Sometimes children may comprehend the language but fail to communicate due to difficulty in their speech; in other cases they may find challenge in making hand gestures and facial expressions.

Speech therapy is a clinical program designed to improve language skills and motor abilities. It involves treatment of speech and communication disorders. Children may have different speech and language problems. For example children who are able to talk but need to work on clearer speech or building language by learning new words, speak in sentences or learning skills. Children who cannot talk can learn sign languages. Speech therapists may use special equipments which speak for them. Children who can talk but struggle with communication issues like facial expression or use of gestural language. Speech therapists use different methods to work speech and language issues depending upon the challenge.

Before we start our therapy program, we initially diagnose the case and test him/her on our predefined methods and programs. This assessment helps us to plan the therapy for children with special needs.

Following is our Therapy:

  • Neck Exercise (For Voice Box Muscles)
  • Tongue Exercise
  • Lips Exercise
  • Jaws Exercise
  • Breathing Exercise, Thoracic Breathing, (Nose & Mouth)
  • Abdominal Breathing
  • Phonation Exercise / Step Phonation Exercise
  • Articulatory Exercise C.V. B.V., Words & Sentences
  • Rate of Speech (Reading)
  • Rate of Speech (Spontaneous)
  • Rate of Speech (Interaction)
  • Group Therapy/ Psycho Therapy
  • Maintenance Therapy