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Occupational Therapy



Occupational Therapy


Occupational Therapy

The term Occupational therapy is to help the person with autism to improve his/her quality of life at home, as well as in schools. The therapist helps to introduce, maintain and improve skills so that the people with autism can be as independent as possible.

In occupational therapy we provide the followings,

  • Daily Living Skills such as toilet training, dressing, brushing teeth and other grooming skills.
  • Fine Motor skills required for holding objects while handwriting or cutting with scissors.
  • Gross Motor Skills used for walking, climbing stairs or riding a bicycle.
  • Smiling posture or perceptual skills such as telling the differences between colors, shapes, and sizes.
  • Awareness of his/her body and its relation to others.
  • Visual skills for reading and writing.
  • Play, coping, self help, problem solving, communication and social skills.

Since we provide the above therapies, in a regular stream the child with autism gets the following improvements.

  • Developing peer and adult relationship
  • Learning how to focus on tasks
  • Expressing feelings in more appropriate ways
  • To raise their potential & utilize.
  • Engaging in play with peers
  • Learning how to self regulate.

We provide these therapies everyday by a well qualified, dedicated, and experienced Occupational Therapist.

Delhi Special School is a project of EquShine Global Foundation, a non-profitable organization working for the better life of Special Children.

Registration Under the Society Act-1860,12A,80G, & Niti Ayog, Sulekha

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